FG LoL Player Fredsta by Axl Hoffmann

Zweiter in der Reihe der Spielervorstellungen des LoL-Teams diese Woche ist der Mann aus dem tiefen, dunklen Wald: Fredsta! Auch er hat uns Fragen zu seiner Rolle und zu sich beantwortet, damit ihr ihn besser kennenlernen könnt! Warum also die Jungle-Rolle? Und welche Stadt würde er gerne einmal besuchen? Hier erfahrt ihr es!


Hello Fredsta, I am glad you have some time for us! So the first question is: What role do you play in the team?

Fredsta: No worries! I am playing Jungle.


Why do you favour your role?

Fredsta: Jungle has always been a very flexible role, I like how I can play all kinds of different champions in the jungle from tanks to assassins. Jungle always feels incredibly rewarding, when you get it right it’s very obvious and you can single-handedly win a lot of games!


Have you been playing other roles competitively before? If yes, which role was it and why did you switch?

Fredsta: No, although I was a Rengar toplane one trick pony before he was reworked in season 3!


Since when do you play competitively?

Fredsta: I first played in the UK scene last May.


What are your favourite champions and why?

Fredsta: Kha’zix is probably my favourite champion at the moment, being able to stealth into the enemy team and one shot a carry is a lot of fun and reminds me of old Rengar who is my favourite champion of all time, I’d do anything to play release Rengar again!


What champions do you like the least and why?

Fredsta: Tanks. They’re so easily to play and hard to punish in the jungle, even if you get really fed as a bruiser or assassin, a tank can do nothing and end up being more useful, they’re very frustrating to play against.



What is your favourite dish?

Fredsta: Risotto, it’s super filling and you can put almost anything in it.

What is your favourite colour?

Fredsta: Blue.

Which city would you like to visit at least once in your life?

Fredsta: Tokyo, it’s so different to anywhere I’ve been and it would be really cool to see such a different culture up-close.

Thank you very much for your time!

Fredsta: Thank you!