FG LoL Player Shafu by Axl Hoffmann

Inzwischen sollte es klar sein, wie die Vorstellung abläuft. Heute stellt sich Shafu, die Support-Spielerin des LoL-Teams in einem Interview vor! Obwohl sie noch nicht lange in der kompetitiven Szene aktiv is, beantwortet sie professionell und ausführlich alle Fragen zu ihrer Rolle, ihren Lieblingschampions, ja sogar zu ihrer Lieblingsfarbe! Alle Antworten bekommt ihr im Folgenden.


Hello Shafu! How are you? The first question of the interview is easy: What role do you play in the team?

Shafu: Hello! I´m fine, thank you. The role I play for the team is support.


Why do you favour your role?

Shafu: Well, I first started the game as a midlaner but I've always found myself in the position where I want to be helpful, I want to be needed by my teammates, and when I came to this conclusion I've been maining support
in almost every single game I've ever played. The support role gives me a feeling of "being needed" and being indispensable so to speak.


Have you been playing other roles competitively before?

Shafu: No.


Since when do you play competitively?

Shafu: If we don't count small competitions then I suppose this is the first time ever.


What are your favourite champions and why?

Shafu: My favourite champion of all time has always been Lux, just as I mentioned I started midlane BECAUSE of her, she was also one of my first champions and I definetely loved the way she shipped the game, a pretty lady being
a long range light mage, throwing lasers everywhere, yeah that's Lux in a nutshell. As a secondary, I suppose it's Zyra, Zyra has always been the support I've felt the most confident on, because I knew people will not mess
with me.Zyra is that kind of champion where you think you're winning against her but in the end you're proven wrong. The whole concept of being a witch spawning plants sounded appealing to me. And last but not least
there's Jinx, she has always been my favourite AD carry because I love the way she presents herself in the game, she is a champion you cannot underestimate at all. She is very weak in the starting stages of the game but she
is able to pick up kills across map, deadly both long and short range, let's not forget the super exciting passive. I'd say this is my top 3.


Wow, what an elaborate answer! And on the contrary? What champions do you like the least and why?

Shafu: Presently speaking, I don't like Braum and Alistar, I believe both doing way too much than they should be, as supports. Braum is capable of mitigating way too much damage mid-late game(especially AD carries),
basically becoming a wall you can neither dent nor pass through. Alistar well, Alistar honestly is a champion that if you get in close range with, you're either dead or forced to flash,
I simply don't like that concept, the fact that as soon as you're close to him you have a high percent death chance. I'm not sure whether it's his damage that's the problem or his dive potential but he's definetely doing too much for the team in all stages of the game.

Overall speaking, I've never really liked Kha'zix, I think Kha'zix has always been a problematic champion to league, a SoloQ hero sort of thing, especially now when he can just stealth behind you and kill you. It's just his
assasin mechanic is too weird. Usually assasins use all their tools to kill a target but Khazix's different... Kha'zix is an assasin that only needs 1 spell to destroy you and that spell is spammable aswell.



What is your favourite dish?

Shafu: Honestly, I've always liked bolognese spaghetti since I was a little kid, and recently I've taken a huge liking to lasagne, probably because my parents started cooking it more casually. No worries though I can eat healthy food
too, I am a huge fan of caesar salad although I wouldn't eat it everyday, it's more of a "I feel like eating" type of meal.

What is your favourite colour?

Shafu: Definetely orange, a very warm color, that has no negative side-effects.

Which city would you like to visit at least once in your life?

Shafu: Well, I already visited Paris so that's off the list, I've always wanted to visit London though, going to United Kingdom has always been my dream since a kid.

Thank you very much Shafu! You´ve been a great interview partner.

Shafu: Thank you, too!