FG LoL Player Relentless by Axl Hoffmann

Diese Woche möchten wir euch gerne die Spieler unseres LoL-Teams ein wenig näher vorstellen. Dazu haben wir uns mit den Jungs hingesetzt und ihnen ein paar Fragen gestellt. Die Kurzinterviews werden entsprechend hier veröffentlicht. Den Anfang macht "Relentless", der AD Carry des Teams. Er ist glücklich über den Impact seiner Rolle und er möchte unbedingt mal nach Liverpool! Doch lest selbst:

Hello Relentless, what role do you play in the team?

Relentless: Hello, I am the AD Carry.


Why do you favor your role?

Relentless: I enjoy having consistent damage and the ability to outplay my opponents and carry almost any game so long as I perform well.


Have you been playing other roles competitively before? Which role was it and why did you switch?

Relentless: Yes, I played in the ESLM as a Jungler in 2016, but decided Greensmite and Tanks weren't for me, so I only whip out the Lee Sin in SoloQ nowadays.


Since when do you play competitively?

Relentless:I started playing competitively in 2016 as a Jungler for Tactical Riot Gaming, but ended up switching to AD after the split.


What are your favourite champions and why?

Relentless: Tough question for sure! In the Jungle, I certainly favor Lee Sin whom I've played from Bronze 1 to D1. Friends used to call me Outsec when I was still learning the basics of the champion back in the day (laughs)
As far as AD Carries go I enjoy the mobile ones (Ezreal,Kalista,Lucian,Vayne) as well as Jhin for his unique Kit that is very fun to play in my opinion.


What champions do you like the least and why?

Relentless: I really dislike Draven, as a good Dravenplayer with a strong laning support is super hard to beat in a 2v2. Other than that Xayah Rakan is quite obnoxious, but in a competitive setting both can be handled much easier than in SoloQ (laughs)


What is your favourite dish?

Relentless: Always has been and probably forever will be fish sticks with mashed potatoes. It's a rather simple dish but I don't think I'll ever stop liking it.


What is your favourite colour?

Relentless: It's dark blue for sure.


Which city would you like to visit at least once in your life?

Relentless: Definitely Liverpool, not so much for the city itself, but to watch a game at the Liverpool F.C.'s stadium Anfield Road. The atmosphere there and singing the famous "You'll never walk alone" with the fans is a plan I have for my future.


That´s great! Thank you very much for the Interview!