Bubbles meet Pixels: Sinalco refreshes e-sports scene in South East Asia

Sinalco, Soft drink brand, and Final Gaming, competent experts for e-sports, execute pilot project for the South East Asian market.

With the contract signing on the 1st of September 2019 Sinalco and Final Gaming started their fizzy collaboration. The plan is to build up a DotA 2 Sinalco e-Sports team on the Philippines through a multi-level competition. But more details on this project stay a secret for now.

Mr. Tim Ostholt, CEO of Final Gaming, says that he is really excited about the liaison with Sinalco and about implementing a DotA 2 team on the Philippines, because it is a global project and especially the South East Asian market is huge for DotA 2 and e-sports in general.

Proprietor of Final Gaming, Mr. Benjamin Buchtala, is adjusting that he really appreciates the openness of Sinalco towards the e-sports industry which attracts tons of people worldwide since it is a symbol for e-sports becoming a part of the traditional society finally.

Marketing Manager of Sinalco International Brands, Mr. Mario Mais, seems very enthusiastic towards these plans for the SEA market as well: “. E-sports – We love the combination between bubbles and pixels. We hope that this pilot project will find acceptance from our target group, especially in the Philippines where we just launched two flavors of our soft drink assortment. “

About Sinalco

Established in 1905, Sinalco is a traditional brand with global presence. We operate a partnership-based distribution model known as franchising. As the owner of the global trademarks, Sinalco International Brands grants partners licenses for their regional use, allowing them to benefit from the experience gained over more than 100 years.

About Final Gaming

In 2015 Final Gaming started as a usual project before it became a capital company in 2017. Since then they support e-sports gamers and their teams in different disciplines and are on top present on all known channels. The Hashtags #goFINAL #beGAMING are not just words. Final Gaming lives and loves the e-sport lifestyle.

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